Services Offered

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Neuropsychological Testing / Assessments

A neuropsychological evaluation involves testing, which is sensitive to problems in brain functioning. Unlike CT or MRI scans, which show what the structure of the brain looks like, neuropsychological testing examines how well the brain is working when it performs certain functions (for example, remembering). The types of tests you will take depend upon the questions you and your doctor have. The tests may assess the following areas: attention and memory, reasoning and problem-solving, visual-spatial functions, language functions, sensory-perceptual functions, motor functions, academic skills, and emotional functioning. The tests are not invasive; that is, they do not involve attaching you to machines or using X-rays. Most of the tests will involve questions-and-answers or working with materials on a table. Some tests may use a computer. The testing will be performed by the neuropsychologist and will included information about your academic, personal and medical history. The total time involved in your evaluation will depend upon the questions you and your doctor have.

Psychological Testing / Assessments

A psychological assessment is a process which involves measuring and integrating information from multiple sources, such as tests of emotional functioning, behavior, ability, intelligence, interests, perceptions, and will also include behavioral observations. Collateral information will also be collected about personal, occupational/educational, or medical histories, such as from records or from interviews with parents, spouses, teachers, or previous therapists or physicians.

Psychoeducational Testing / Assessments

A psychoeducational evaluation measures an individuals' intellect, academic mastery and emotional functioning. Often times emotional factors affect a child's ability to achieve academic mastery. Yet, other times cognitive factors, may influence emotional functioning. Testing does not often indicate, "Which came first," but will likely differentiate an individual's strengths and weaknesses, while determining whether the criteria for a learning disorder is present. A report will be completed and you should share this information with educators and physicians.

Court Appearances, Legal Assessments, and Legal Fees

Dr. Weis and Dr. Staley are available for involvement in legal cases, which can include child visitation, custody arrangements, competency evaluations, and personal injury. This service is not covered by your insurance and will be billed to you directly. This time may include consultation with your attorney, healthcare providers, caregivers, and parents, letter/report writing, travel time portal to portal, and time spent in court.